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Why talk to a Counselor, therapist, and coach?

People seek our guidance because something in their life has become particularly dissatisfying or problematic. Whether its issues related to traumatic life events, family and parenting, intimate and social relationships, work and money, rumination, lack of adaptive coping and, self blame they react to it with feelings of anxiety and depression. As a defense against those anxious and depressive feelings, people develop maladaptive behaviors such as anger, withdrawal, avoidance, compulsions, or substance misuse.  When these inappropriate defenses are used people's performance and overall satisfaction with their lives is affected.  Through counseling, psychotherapy and, coaching people can learn to effectively deal with these problems and live happier and more fulfilling lives.    

I am a Licensed therapist in Mendham, NJ who specializes in helping people in overcoming the stress in their lives caused by the feelings of anxiety and depression.  But more importantly, I am a professionally trained listener who will pay attention to your concerns and help you realize the resources within you so you can take action, and make positive and powerful changes in your life.  

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Let me help you help you feel better so you can make positive changes in your life.  Call me this week to schedule an appointment. 

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